What's Your Unique Story?

    Internal Story Audits

    Create a Culture that Supports Success

    The First Step:  Gain a Greater Understanding of the Stories Held by Your Stakeholders.

    The strategy and the execution of your business rely on other people.  They are the co-creators and delivery mechanism of your brand. The important links to your customers.  And they are telling stories about your business and their part in it.  Do you know what they are?  Understanding the Story Gap – between the stories your internal customers hold and the ones you desire – will help you shape your strategy in ways that matter.  The goal: a consistent, shared story between you and your stakeholders.

    Ask yourself: do you really know what your internal customers are thinking and believing about your brand’s capabilities and potential? How do your employees, your team, define and communicate your brand?  Is the brand messaging consistent across the organization?  What do they really think you can achieve?

    The answers to these questions are reflected by the consistency and alignment of your brand stories.  I’ll help you find the “who we believe we are” narratives that can support (or limit) your growth and success.

    Strengthening your understanding of the real stories behind your brand has far reaching impact for:

    • Understanding barriers for executing strategy
    • Uncovering innovation and potential
    • Greater success for rallying people around a common vision
    • A benchmark to measure success

    Want to learn more? Contact us to hear how we can conduct an efficient Internal Story Audit for you.