What's Your Unique Story?


    Tap into the power of your brand.

    Learn how your brand story can support success and help you realize potential.

    You spend your energy and time building beautiful products, driving traffic, fine tuning SEO, connecting on social media, seeking new ideas and innovation….

    The right story, however, connects marketing activities with meaning.  Raise your game – and the success of your efforts – by building your brand in a way that resonates and makes sense to others. Helping people understand and care about the value you deliver in a compelling way.

    Storyworks is a visual “mini-whiteboard” session that presents ideas for finding the real meaning & value in your brand and putting it to work:

    1. A roadmap for identifying and evaluating opportunity
    2. A powerful brand, marketing and sales strategy
    3. The formula for connecting, engaging, and gaining loyalty for your brand
    4. A valuable approach for making your campaigns and social media really work
    5. An important framework for leaders of all kinds – tapping into the way people make sense of the world

    Designed for a quick, highly visual read that you can handily revisit to inspire new ideas and tactics, each chapter highlights how your brand stories impact a specific business goal.