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Tupperware Lessons: Can Women Have it All?

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While social media’s been buzzing over the recent article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,”  I’ve been thinking the answer can be found at a Tupperware Party. Author Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former high-powered director in the state department, argues that the women who’ve managed to be moms and have successful top-level careers “are either superhuman, rich or self-employed.” Her position has women everywhere talking about it.   Continue reading →

5 Marketing Lessons from the Post-Advertising Summit

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Shaken, not stirred. I’m not talking about James Bond’s drink preference, but the state of the advertising world.  A “seismic shift in marketing” was how Simon Kelly, COO of agency Story Worldwide and host of last week’s Post-Advertising Summit in NYC explained the state of affairs. An eclectic group of advertising creatives and marketers gathered to discuss the impact for the future where traditional advertising tactics are dead or dying. The good news: like a creative menu at a martini bar, there’s many new-fangled ways to acceptably serve up marketing with impact. Here are five takeaways from the Summit to help you consider how.  Continue reading →

How Business Can Save the Day

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If  “big business” were a problem celeb, it would make Charlie Sheen seem positively angelic. What’s needed is a big red pen to edit, re-write and reframe a new brand story.  An overhaul and reinvention of the likes that requires a top-notch brand and PR crisis management team, maybe even calling in the legendary nerves-of-steel celeb handler Cindi Berger for the fix. And we need it fast because business, notably corporate America with all it has to offer in resources, has all the potential to solve society’s biggest problems.  Continue reading →

The Business Plan is Dead, Tell Your Story

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When I attended Babson College, a leading educator of entrepreneurship, the business plan was the holy grail of tools required for launching a new venture. I’ve held onto and used my old textbook, “New Venture Creation” by Jeffry Timmons so much over the years that even duct tape couldn’t keep it held together. While the book still serves as a great guide, the need to labor over a lengthy, elaborate plan in order to move forward is not. The business plan is dead, RIP. Carpal tunnel sufferers rejoice! In it’s place is the need for a good story. Continue reading →