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College Student as Storyteller

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This week I’m at Dartmouth and, spending time on campus, I’m reminded that today’s student is engaged and connected in their world in a manner that is very different from my own college experience in the 80’s.  Colleges offer us the chance to step inside a human lab and get a glimpse into the lives of the Millenials — one of today’s most influential groups of consumers.  They demand our attention as a savvy consumers of brands, with money to burn and a plethora of choices for their purchases.  They also have big expectations for connecting with brands that have relevance and meaning; focusing on your back story (why you do what you do) and how you serve them as customer.  

If you haven’t been back to campus lately, check out the short digital story created by Anthropologist and Kansas State professor Michael Wesch’s students. A Vision of Students Today presents an opportunity for us to see the world through their unique lens and the stories they tell themselves — a narrative that reveals their beliefs and attitudes of the world in which they live.  The video also perfectly illustrates how students operate in a new, evolving digital world and their expectations for how they will learn and engage.  They are the authors – more so than any other generation — of their own lives, hopes, dreams, and destiny.   The world is their wiki, highlighted by information and access, choice and collaboration.  And they have expectations.  Of themselves and the brands in which they choose to do business.  They will consider how your brand story to determine if it deserves a place in their own narrative.

Take a look at their video.  And consider the implications for telling your story in a way that engages them and has relevance:  because they are the future of your business success.  And they plan to use that power wisely….

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